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Crawling, crawling everywhere. And barely a moments rest...



Since the crazy busy times of Christmas and January, we've continued to enjoy (in the majority, at least) lazy and relaxed days round here. The weather has been cold, windy and often wet, but we get outdoors at least once a day...or else we all go a little stir crazy.

I love where we live. So close to the park, the canal, the little village and, because I'm a city girl through and through, the hustle and bustle of town. We love our strolls into the village for a quick scout around the charity shop and an apple from the greengrocers for Josephine, or slow walks along the quiet streets by house. Often in the morning, before lunch, and sometimes, when the weather allows, in the late afternoon before dinner.

The low, winter sun still offering a bit of warmth, the snuggle of cashmere scarves and woollen coats and hats keeping the cold wind at bay.

Coralie happily watches the world go by, cocooned in her pram, whilst Josephine and I chit chat, decide on our favourite houses and collect little treasures we find along the way.

Gentle rhythms. My mantra right now. Nothing too crazy, nothing too stressful, nothing that takes too much of the little energy I have (sleep deprivation due to teething is the worst!) Just little trips out that, at the end of the day, make me happy; make our girls happy. Simple childhood adventures that leave them smiling, and leave the worries of the grown-up world far away. Remembering to let them be little.

ps. slowly but surely, I've been filling in a few gaps in this little journal. If you'd like to read, there's a post marking the anniversary of my Dad's funeral here, some pictures from our holiday last summer here, and some words about a very special day in St Ives here. xx



So, I shot these pictures about a month ago with the intention of making them into thank you cards to send to all the family and friends who gave the girls such lovely Christmas and (in Josephine's case) birthday presents. But time has zipped by and I haven't quite got round to it. Now it's nearly March so I'm being lazy and posting them here and on Facebook instead, with a great big THANK YOU to all your gorgeous people for the thoughtful gifts this year.

Bless Coralie, I don't think she was really feeling the props, but Josephine...well, my Dad would be proud of how enthusiastically she got into character. That pirate?! Pure genius.

Some of my favourite photos of Phiney, ever. They just show her funny, excitable, confident, playful, hilarious self so perfectly.

ps. the amazing crowns were made by our wonderful friend Amy. You can see a little tutorial over on her blog if you'd like to make your own.



For the last couple of months Ben and I have been jotting down some of the brilliant things Josephine says, because - let's face it - some things we're bound to forget. And we just don't want to forget these gems. We need to do this more often, I love that we have a record of what she says and how she thinks at this age. Some one-off one-liners, some phrases we hear every day.

"Mmmmm, this porridge feels comfy in my tummy."

(To her PomBear crisps) "Come on, little one, your Mama in my tummy already!"

Josephine: "Coralie's a giant monkey!"
Me: "So what does that make you?"

Josephine: "A giant panda."

"We need to wash Coralie's hair this day?" (Every. Single. Bathtime.)

"I saw two diggers and two tractors. That's very impressive."

"I love Coralie. But I don't love her dancing."

Josephine: "I not want to be a big lady."
Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up then?"
Josephine: "A lion."

"Seriously...." (About everything. Teenager in the making.)

"Aw-right darlin'?" (In a cockney accent that makes her sound remarkably like Barbara Windsor.)

Josephine: "Thank you, Mama."
Me: "That's ok!"
Josephine: "Thank you, Mama. I say it twice so you don't forget."

She's wonderful, this girl of ours...



WEARING: Vintage French romper // La Coqueta tights // H&M boots

On Saturday Coralie turned nine months old. Three quarters of a year, it's hard to believe. This has been a big month for this little one. A couple of weeks ago we moved Coralie into Josephine's room and so far so good. Thankfully Coralie waking in the night seems to barely stir Josephine and if Josephine has woken, Coralie hasn't batted an eyelid. And listening to them chat in the morning before we get up, and seeing Coralie's cot filled with the toys Josephine has passed her, is the sweetest thing.

There are finally two teeth (almost!) poking through at the bottom. So close, they may have even popped through but you're determined to not let us see. The only opportunity is when you do your cheesiest of grins, and then it's hard to do anything but laugh!

Whilst you're not crawling, you've figured out how to get around in your own way, and nothing is safe from your grasps (and drool) now darling girl. Through a mix of bottom shuffling, turning around, rolling and pulling you find a way to get to what you want (and the words 'no Coralie' are now in frequent use because of it!) You're also pulling yourself up onto your knees, and sometimes your feet - those legs are getting so strong.

It's crazy to think that when Josephine was just a few weeks older than you are now, she was taking her first steps. I quite like that you're not there yet though Coralie, you can stay my little baby for a while longer.

You love to cuddle your toys, especially your baby Lara, and snugs are always accompanied with long and enthusiastic 'aaahhhhs'. It's so sweet. You love anything that makes a noise, so adore the musical instruments that are in your toy basket, and Josephine is really good at building you towers to knock down, which you think is so awesome. You really do adore that big sister of yours.

Despite the ongoing teething, you are still the happiest little thing in the world - never really moaning, always happy to sit and play or watch (especially the washing machine...you LOVE the washing machine!)

You are so good at waving at saying hello and goodbye, and shout Dadadadada all day long. You love to dance to any music that you hear, and do the cutest singing along too.

Basically, you're absolutely brilliant Coralie and we all think your hilarious! And oh so sweet. We all love you so much, more everyday xxxxx



1. A little fairy in her pjs.
2. Our Ergo adventures.
3. Our girl started dance classes and the cuteness nearly kills me. She adores it.
4. Tiny party goers at Josephine's 3rd birthday.
5. Overwhelmed with excitement when she opened Nanny's (my Mum) present to her on her birthday - a Jessie doll!!
6. Love this little creature and her crazy expressions.
7. When we go for walks in the freezing wind, I am so jealous of her snuggly cocoon!
8. In love with these colours, and that beautiful girl.
9. Josephine and I indulged in some pretty epic train track building, with some of the new pieces she got for Christmas and her birthday.
10. My girls: Josephine planting the biggest kisses on Coralie and Coralie being exceptionally happy about it. So much love.


THREE: a walk at dusk

After the fun of Josephine's family birthday party, we spent the afternoon just us four. We went for a walk at dusk, wrapped up against the cold winter air, and we told Josephine of the day she was born. Unable to believe our little baby is now three.


THREE: party time

For Josephine's birthday this year, we decided to throw Josephine two parties - one with all her little friends a few days before her birthday and one with family on the day itself. We chose a wild animal theme, packed cardboard lunch boxes with yummy treats, iced cupcakes and devised a treasure hunt. It was an hour and a half of absolute madness (and I barely took a single photo!) but the children loved every second. If only we'd remembered to do the birthday cake...after everyone left, we discovered it on the kitchen worktop!
*Josephine's invitations - any excuse to get stamping!
*My sister beautifully illustrated every party-goer's lunchbox.
*Animal masks for the treasure hunt.
*Ben and I devised a treasure hunt for coloured scrolls with stickers inside (again drawn by my clever sister) that, when put together, made an animal face. We had no idea if it would work, but it was an absolute success.
*Everyone 'adopted' a cuddly animal as a prize for completing their puzzle.
*Balloons make everything festive.
*Tiny glass bottles (that my best friend had her Dad save from his pub for us!) and paper straws. The children adored them!


THE LITTLE LETTER PROJECT: the search for a penpal

There's few things nicer than receiving a letter in the post. Not a bill or piece of junk mail, or a catalogue full of things you wish you could afford, but a sweet handwritten letter; written with care and love and with the ability to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Over Christmas Josephine and I wrote cards and letters together, and she burst with excitement whenever we received one.

For a couple of months now I've been meaning to ask all you Mamas if any of your children would like to be penpals with Josephine. And after seeing her reaction to those letters at Christmas, I knew I had to finally get round to putting it out there.

For us snail mail loving grown-ups, there are a few projects on offer right now. Oh Comely Magazine's Perfect Strangers project and Capture by Lucy's Springtime Surprise Project (yep, I signed up for both!) are each wonderful. But what about our kiddos?

The community, the village, I've found myself in, through blogging and Instagram, is a true blessing. It's a wonderful place to be, full of support and advice, ideas and inspiration, friendship and connections and it seems only right to extend that to our children. To allow them to connect in a way that generations before them have (before email and FaceTime, as awesome as they are!); to exchange stories and reveal new traditions and cultures to each other.

Plus, it's a wonderful focus for crafting; writing paper can be painted (like we did earlier this week) and cards can be drawn; artwork you're not sure what to do with can be sweetly wrapped and sent to new friends in faraway lands.

I've had some ideas if a few people decide to get involved, and am putting together a few more details to ensure every child involved would get a letter they'll cherish, but first I thought I'd put it out there and see what you all thought. It really would be lovely to get our children writing (or dictating!) letters and connect children who would be friends if there wasn't thousands of miles between then :)

So, if you're interested if finding your little one a penpal just pop me an email, or leave your email address below, and i'll send out more details. No matter how old your children or where you live, get involved xx

ps. to ensure only genuine penpals are assigned, an established blog or IG account is needed so let me know your account name or URL too.



WEARING: Nanny-made cardigan // Nanny-made bonnet, using Dover and Madden pattern //Baby gap dress // Bonton bloomers from eBay // La Coqueta tights

Our little pixie, basking in the morning sunshine. So happy to just sit and play and watch and soak in the world. Wrapped in Nanny-made knits.