It's not just the boys who are into snails (and all things disgusting!) Last week, as this little angel was playing in the garden, she decided to eat a snail and as fast as I ran, I just couldn't get to her before she chewed on it.

So. So. Gross.

It took all my courage not to run away and be sick. But, being the good Mama I am, I retrieved the remains from Coralie's mouth - much to her disappointment.

I'm telling you...you can't take your eyes off this one for a second. And also, she'll eat ANYTHING!!



The last few weeks have been so busy. Packed with wonderful meet-ups, nursery, errands and the everyday goings-on that punctuate the week. And that's awesome. It's lovely to have days bursting with such lovely friends to catch up with and to watch Josephine so happily run into nursery to find her little buddies and learn something new.

But this first week of the summer holidays have been bliss. Lazy days, with no schedules or deadlines or watching the clock. Strolls into the village, garden hangs, playtimes, painting times, cake-making times all merge into one and I've found myself relax - and the girls relax too. There's been fewer tantrums and tears and we're all loving this new gentle pace.

And we go on holiday week. Back to our second home, St Ives in Cornwall. Back to the sea, to the beach we've played on since I was little. Josephine and I talk about it everyday. About the icecreams waiting to be eaten, the sandcastles waiting to be built and the freezing cold sea calling our names. Oh, and did I mention the icecream?!

This time next week we'll be heading to bed, giddy with excitement...

More garden pictures. Because it's where we've spent most of the week.



I can't even tell you how much I love talking to Josephine. More conversations that I just never want to forget...

"Mama, I was SO late. I looked at my watch and it was TEN PAST FOUR!!"
*Tuts, shakes head and walks away. Moments later, she runs in, shrieking.*
*Runs out again.*

Refusing to get her other shoe and sock on...
Me: "Josephine, you can't go to nursery with only one shoe on."
Josephine: "Yes I can. I can hop."

Me: "I'm so lucky to be your Mama."
Josephine: "I'm so lucky to be your girl."

Josephine: "I had to paint my eye last night."
Me: "Why?"
Josephine: "So the spiders didn't eat it."

Me: "You look like a little Christmas elf."
Josephine: "I'm not the elf. I'm Father Christmas."

"Spiders eat bugs and flies and plants and...bogeys."

Josephine: "Mama, can I have a cuddle?"
Me: "Of course!"
Josephine: "I love having cuddles with you."
Me: "Oh! I love having cuddles with you."
Josephine: "And I love that you stay at home with me when Daddy has to go to work."

"I wish I was a Playmobil guy and could drive this helicopter and do the steering wheel. But I'm not. I'm Josephine."



When Polly took a few photos of me and the girls last week, I knew they'd be wonderful. Her work is an inspiration and she is truly a talented photographer.

I will absolutely cherish these photographs forever. I can't tell you what they mean to me, and I am so grateful to Polly for getting her camera out and snapping these special moments.

I'm more determined than ever to get in more of the photos, to step in front of the camera rather than staying firmly behind it.

Thank you sweet Polly xxx



It was with nervous excitement that I met one of my favourite blogging and IG friends, Polly, last week. It's such a surreal thing meeting up with people who you feel you know so well (we've been online friends for years) despite the fact this is the first time you've seen each other in real life. I've been lucky enough to convert online friendships into real life friendships a few times now, and it's one of the reasons I love the little community I've built myself through the crazy world of social media.

As soon as Polly and I met, any nerves melted away and we chatted as if we had known each other for years. She is sweet and funny and cool and inspiring and so supportive and it was lovely to watch our three year olds play so happily together.

I think we could have chatted for hours about blogging and IG, photography and mamahood, so a kiddo-free trip to London for a grown up lunch filled with talk, talk, talk is most definitely on the cards.

I managed to snap a few photos of Polly and her gorgeous girl Elsie (Raff and Phiney were far too enthralled in exploring the Botanical Gardens together to get involved!) and Polly took some of me too, which are incredible and which I will cherish forever.

Making new friends when you get older is hard, but I've been lucky enough to find a brilliant group of like-minded and beautiful women since I became a mother. Connected through the highs and lows of parenting, all there to lend an ear and helpful advice whenever it's needed. And I'm so grateful for them all.



With Josephine now at nursery three afternoons a week, it's lovely to get some one on one time with Coralie. And there's nowhere she'd rather be than in the garden; exploring, tottering around and eating as many daisies as possible...



Celebrating my beautiful husband, always the best Daddy in the world to our girls, and my own beautiful Daddy, who I wish with all my heart was here with us today.

Sunshine, BBQ and happy, fun times. So much love xxx 



I wonder if there is anything sweeter than little friends holding hands.

These pictures make my heart happy. For the beautiful friendship Josephine has found in Edie and for the innocence of childhood.



A few more gems from the last couple of months. I could chat with Josephine all day, she amazes and delights me with the things she says...

On sitting at the table and me passing her her lunch... "It's so nice in this café!"

"It's exhausting walking in the rain, isn't it Mama?"

"That's hilarious!" (All the time!)

Josephine: "Our old house fell down!"
Mama: "Oh no!"
Josephine: "Don't worry, we weren't in it, and I've built us a new one, the same - look! Do you like it?"

"This milk is 20p. What a bargain!"

"You're good at chopping Mama, because you are grown. And cool. And Daddy and Coralie are cool. And I am cool."

After I've been singing along to Jay Z and Alicia Keys 'New York' in the car... "Oh! I really like your singing Mama."

Mama: "What do you like most about our house?"
Josephine: "That we all live here together. And Buzz Lightyear."

"Look Mama! There's Florence. Oh, no, wait...she has a different face."

"When I do quiet trumps, Mama, it tickles my bottom and leg!"  



When we got home from a picnic a few weeks ago, and as Josephine snoozed in the car, Coralie and I sat on the pavement and soaked up the sun. I snapped this picture of my tiny girl, and I just love it. It encapsulates so much of what she's about right now; finding her feet, getting more confident, happiness and excitement and amazement at the world around her. And those little chubby baby legs. A moment in time that I want to remember.